Sanitary company CitroenAir

CitroenAir is your leading partner for high quality sanitaryware, accessories and refills in the Netherlands and across Europe. Originally started as a wholesaler of sanitary accessories, we have developed into a consulting supplier specializing in customized solutions for the sanitary industry.

Our sanitary expertise

We understand that sanitary solutions are more than just functional facilities. It’s about creating clean, welcoming and hygienic spaces for both the corporate and public sectors. At CitroenAir, we have extensive knowledge of sanitary and offer expert advice to take your sanitary services to the next level.

Our Mission

Our mission at CitroenAir goes beyond supplying products. We are here to provide you with surprisingly good advice, the highest quality products and exceptional service. Our commitment goes beyond today; we strive to ensure that you will still be satisfied working with CitroenAir ten years from now.

Our dedication to hygiene

Our team is passionate about keeping up with the latest developments in the sanitary industry. This allows us to always provide you with up-to-date knowledge and innovative hygiene solutions. At CitroenAir, we are all about providing solutions that meet your specific hygiene needs.

Flexibility and speed

erstand that sometimes urgent situations arise. When you have questions or concerns, we immediately prioritize your needs. Our excellent accessibility ensures that you always have quick access to the right dispensers, accessories and refills for your sanitation needs.

Our range

Bathroom sanitary ware

From advanced toilet seat cleaners to stylish and durable shower taps, our bathroom sanitary ware solutions are key to a hygienic and comfortable bathroom experience.

bathroom sanitary ware

Sanitary area

With a focus on ease of use, we offer everything from hand dryers to soap dispensers, designed for optimal sanitary hygiene

Sanitary area

Sanitary hygiene

Our advanced sanitary solutions, such as touch-free soap dispensers and air fresheners, ensure a clean and inviting washroom.

Sanitary hygiene

Collaboration and sustainable relationships

For CitroenAir, collaboration means building long-term relationships, whether with customers, manufacturers, suppliers or clients. Our goal is to work together to find the best solutions for your sanitation needs. Within our team, we strive to work closely together to achieve your sanitation management goals.

Leading the way in the sanitary industry

The sanitary market, customer demands and user needs are constantly changing. At CitroenAir, we stay ahead by continuing to innovate and provide smarter, more efficient and cleaner solutions. We are here to help you by constantly anticipating changes and trends in the industry.

Sanitary wholesale

At CitroenAir, your trusted sanitary wholesaler, it’s all about providing surprisingly good advice, the best quality products

Sanitary wholesale

Sanitary specialist

As a sanitary specialist for your business, professionalism and flexibility go hand in hand

Sanitary specialist

Proactive and considerate

We proactively think with you about how things can be better, simpler, and more cost-effective. We maintain regular contact and listen carefully to your needs. This way, we understand what you require and proactively offer solutions that optimise your sanitary management.

CitroenAir stocks a wide range of products, but our strength lies in providing customized solutions that perfectly fit your specific sanitary needs. We are the partner that brings your sanitary vision to life.

At CitroenAir, we understand that sanitation is critical to your business or public sector. Let us work together to transform your sanitary to meet the highest standards of hygiene and hospitality. Contact us today for expert advice and customized solutions for your sanitary management needs.


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