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Sanitary area CitroenAir

Your specialist in hygienic sanitary area

At CitroenAir, we understand the importance of a clean, functional and aesthetically pleasing sanitary area. Whether it’s a compact restroom in an office or extensive washroom facilities in a large public building, we offer customized solutions to meet your specific needs.

Sanitary space expertise

Our in-depth knowledge of sanitary systems and hygiene solutions not only enables us to provide products, but also valuable advice. From modern touch-free sanitary accessories to eco-friendly refill options, CitroenAir is your trusted advisor for any sanitary area.

Collaboration for optimum sanitary hygiene

Our relationship with customers goes beyond delivery. We build long-term partnerships and work together to provide the most hygienic and user-friendly washroom facilities. Our team works closely with you to ensure your sanitary area is a positive reflection of your concern for customers and employees.

Flexible sanitary area solutions

Every sanitary area has its own dynamics and requirements. Whether it is a busy public restroom or a luxurious washroom in an exclusive hotel, we adapt to your needs. Fast delivery of dispensers, accessories and refills ensures that your washroom is always functional and welcoming.

Innovation in sanitary area

We follow the latest trends and technological developments in plumbing. This allows us to provide innovative, sustainable and efficient sanitary solutions that meet your needs not only today, but also tomorrow.

Our range

Emergency showers

Browse our range of emergency showers for your sanitary area.

Emergency showers

Waste bins

Check out our waste bins for your sanitary area.

Waste bins

Waste disposals

Waste disposals for your sanitary facilities

Waste disposals

Catering sinks

Browse our sinks for your sanitary area.

Catering sinks

Door Accessories

Browse our door accessories from door hardware to door stoppers.

Door Accessories

High-quality sanitary products

Our extensive range of sanitary products guarantees quality and durability. From efficient hand dryers to odor control systems, each product has been carefully selected to enrich your sanitary area.

Customisation for your sanitary area

We know that standard solutions don’t always meet the unique requirements of each sanitary area. That’s why we excel at providing customized solutions specifically tailored to your space, budget and style preferences.

With CitroenAir, you are choosing a partner committed to providing the best sanitary solutions. Our commitment to quality, innovation and sustainability makes us the ideal choice for your sanitary needs. Contact us to discover how together we can transform your sanitary area into a place of comfort, hygiene and efficiency.


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