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Sanitary hygiene CitroenAir

CitroenAir is a leader in providing advanced sanitary hygiene products, innovative hygiene accessories and refill options for businesses, healthcare facilities and public areas in the Netherlands and across Europe. If you are looking for “integrated hygiene solutions” or “reliable sanitary hygiene for businesses,” CitroenAir is your first choice; we offer not just products, but a complete hygiene experience.

Excellence in quality, service and innovation in sanitary hygiene

At CitroenAir, ‘customer-oriented sanitary service’ is at the center. We specialize in providing expert advice, top quality products and excellent service. Our mission goes beyond fulfilling basic needs; we strive for long-term relationships with our customers, in which your satisfaction with our ‘sustainable hygiene products’ and ‘personal hygiene services’ is also central.

Knowledge, customization and long-term partnerships in sanitary hygiene

CitroenAir, your ‘partner in professional hygiene solutions’, closely follows the latest trends and developments in sanitary hygiene. Our team of experts offers ‘customized hygiene advice’, perfectly tailored to your unique needs, and is known for its fast and reliable service, essential for a fast delivery of ‘advanced dispensers and hygiene products’.

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Innovative and sustainable solutions for your sanitary hygiene needs

As your “advisor in sanitary hygiene,” CitroenAir offers not only products, but also customized solutions. Our in-depth market knowledge enables us to anticipate ‘future trends in sanitary hygiene’ and provide solutions that not only meet but exceed your expectations.

Proactive partnership for optimal sanitary hygiene

As a sanitary wholesaler, we specialize in ‘proactive hygiene advice’. We believe in actively contributing to our customers’ hygiene processes. Through regular contact, active listening and questioning, we understand your needs in detail and offer solutions that seamlessly match your ‘specific hygiene requirements’.


High quality dispensers for your washroom

Dispensers for your company

Toilet seat cleaner

Toilet seat cleaner so your washroom meets hygiene standards

Toilet seat cleaner for your company

Sanitary disposal

Trash cans for any sanitary area, customized for your business.

Sanitary disposal for your company

Where quality and service meet

Choosing CitroenAir means choosing a partner that not only stocks a “wide range of hygiene products,” but also excels in “customized sanitary hygiene” and consulting services. We pride ourselves on taking your organization’s hygiene to the next level with our quality products, in-depth expertise and commitment to service.

Let CitroenAir be your partner in the pursuit of ‘excellence in sanitation’. Discover how our ‘integrated hygiene solutions’, accessories and services can transform your organization. We are ready to provide you with ‘innovative


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