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The pioneering smart monitoring system for healthcare is now also a robust solution for facility management. OHMS (OPHARDT Hygiene Monitoring Solution) is now Kanary. And that changes more than just the name, but lays a foundation for the next decade of smart services.

Early warnings with Kanary.

The revamped name is a reference to the canary. For a long time, these birds served as an early warning system for miners. The narrow and deep passages of mines were a source of danger for workers. Not only could oxygen become scarce here, but toxic – often odorless – gases could be released. Carbon monoxide was particularly dangerous, a real threat to all workers underground. To prevent this danger, miners called on the help of the animal kingdom. Canaries were able to recognize the outbreak of carbon monoxide at an early stage, saving many lives of the workers underground.

And this is exactly what the Kanary software is all about. It delivers early warnings via real-time alerts.

Kanary for the health sector

Kanary’s predecessor, OHMS, has supported clinics and hospitals in infection prevention for more than a decade. On December 1, 2011, the very first hand disinfection was registered through OPHARDT’s service. Almost 11 years later, more than 50 million hand disinfections have been recorded and the monitoring system has proven to be an essential tool for hospitals.

Digital monitoring of hand hygiene is a giant leap forward for infection prevention. With this innovative technology, hospitals can improve hand hygiene compliance based on accurate data collected 24/7. The smart dispensers measure when, where and how much disinfectant has been used. And with the ingo-man® plus, an LED above the dispenser lights up green when enough disinfectant has been dispensed. This combination of the smart hardware and innovative software provides reliable usage data for hygienists to consistently improve infection prevention.

Kanary is a fully real-time hand hygiene monitoring system for both healthcare and facility management.

Kanary for facility management

In facility management, Kanary allows us to take a big step toward efficiency and ease of use. Users now have a detailed view of the status of their dispensers as well as pending and completed tasks. We can also adapt the software to the size of your company and its specific needs.

The pandemic has raised public expectations of cleanliness. Not only do people expect hygienic dispensers at entrances, but they also expect paper towel dispensers to always be filled, trash cans not to be overflowing, toilet paper to be available and public restrooms to be clean. Kanary helps meet and exceed these expectations. Smart dispensers send fill level and battery level data to the software, which automatically creates the need for cleaning and refilling tasks. These tasks can then be delegated to staff, and tasks can even be automatically marked as completed when the system sees that a previously empty dispenser is now full.

Kanary continues to work well with others. If you are using a third-party solution, our APIs can be used to integrate our dispensers with your system. We also have a turnkey solution for using the facility service FacilityApps.

Smart (ready) dispensers

In addition to the SanTral® Plus series, we offer our smart Ingo-man® plus product series for the medical sector. The corresponding software solutions offer you extensive possibilities for process optimization, cost and resource savings and for the constant storage of filling materials. Filling levels, bottle changes or many other activities can be controlled and optimized with our software solutions. Via our alarm modules, the system automatically alerts the responsible employee if, for example, a container has been empty for a certain time and has not been refilled. Of course, waste containers of the SanTral® Plus series can also be monitored.

Our smart SanTral® Plus dispensers combined with our software solutions provide, among other things

  • Satisfied employees/health care
  • Improved hand hygiene compliance
  • Increased efficiency
  • Cost and resource savings
  • Constant supply of filled dispensers or emptied waste containers

Smart dispensers ( ingo-man® plus, KX or SanTral® ) are required to use Kanary ( software ). This means that there are basically one-time costs for the purchase of the dispensers / waste bins, as well as regular costs for using the software.

In principle, it is also possible to provide a residual API ( interface ) to an already existing software. This can be e.g. an already existing facility software or something similar.

SanTRAL® Plus offers a complete, smart solution. With a full range of washroom dispensers, this intelligent stainless steel series takes washrooms to a new level.

SanTRAL® Plus brings award-winning design to public hygiene


What products does the SanTRAL® Plus series consist of?

The SanTRAL® Plus series offers you the complete solution for your washroom. Our product range includes universal dispensers for different liquid products, dispensers for paper towels with different mechanisms, waste bins, special waste bins for hygienic products, dispensers for toilet paper and toilet brushes.

Are SanTRAL® Plus dispensers only available as SMART version?

No, the dispensers can also be used as non-SMART dispensers. The dispensers can also be purchased as Smart Ready so they can become SMART later.

Can I retrofit SanTRAL Plus dispensers to become SMART?

Yes, with the purchase of Smart Retrofit Kits, the dispensers can be retrofitted quickly and easily. The Smart Retrofit Kits can be purchased separately at a later date.

How can I buy a Kanary licence?

You can purchase the license for our facility management program from us, contact us and we will help you set it up. Email your request to

How well is my data protected when I use a connected dispenser?

The dispensers have the highest security standards for wireless transmission. With TLS/HTTPS encryption, your data is maximally protected.

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