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Hand hygiene with instant feedback

Many approaches exist to improve hand hygiene in hospitals and clinics. Feedback to medical staff plays an increasingly important role in improving hand hygiene compliance. Although thorough hand hygiene is a crucial tool to prevent the spread of infection, its implementation in hospital hand hygiene often falls short due to lack of staff and time. An integrated LED on the top of the ingo-man® SmartNose module gives hospital staff immediate feedback on whether sufficient disinfectant has been administered, a key factor in successful hand disinfection. This auto-intervention can be seamlessly integrated into daily medical routines, saving time and resources. ingo-man® SmartNose panel is compatible with 500 ml and 1000 ml ingo-man® plus dispensers.


Making evaluation of hand hygiene easy

The ingo-man® SmartNose is compatible with the OPHARDT Hygiene Monitoring System®, which allows users to perform a detailed evaluation of hand hygiene compliance. The continuous availability of hand hygiene data enables hygienists to identify problems, adjust training, optimize dispenser locations and monitor fill levels.


When does the ingo-man®SmartNose’s green LED light up?

The green LED, also called the feedback LED, lights up once at least 3 ml has been taken for hand disinfection.

What is the meaning of the red LED on the ingo-man®SmartNose?

The red LED on the ingo-man®SmartNose illuminates when the built-in battery has reached a critical level and needs to be replaced.

Can the amount of sanitiser activating the feedback LED be changed from 3ml to any other amount?

Yes, this is possible. However, the intake amount of 3 milliliters is recommended by the Robert Koch Institute for Health Care.

Which disinfectants can the ingo-man®SmartNose be used with?

The ingo-man®SmartNose is compatible with the hand-held euro dispensers of the ingo-man®plus series in 500 ml and 1000 ml sizes.

Can the ingo-man®SmartNose be configured via an app?

Yes, the ingo-man®SmartNose has a built-in NFC chip and can communicate with your NFC-enabled smart device. OPHARDT has developed its own app to easily read and configure the smart devices.

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