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How can you ensure guest satisfaction while meeting the demands of hygiene regulations and a lack of time and qualified staff? OPHARDT’s OWMS software and the new generation of intelligent SanTRAL® Plus dispensers help you increase the sanitary experience for your guests while improving maintenance and cleaning efficiency.

Intelligent dispensers to suit you

Connected dispensers transmit their fill levels and usage data to the cloud. Through a web app, you can optimize refill cycles and ensure that your washroom is always fully stocked. The elegant and minimalist design fits perfectly into any washroom thanks to the six modern color finishes (Steel Touch, Arctic White, Midnight, Copper Rose, Oslo Blue, Slate Grey).

Santral Plus

The SanTRAL® Plus Steel Touch finish shines with a brushed stainless steel look. At first glance, it appears quite neutral, but with the right colour combination, even these metallic dispensers can look cozy and warm. For example, in combination with a dark, rich blue it can create a wonderful ambience.

SanTRAL® Plus products in the bathroom:

  • Oslo Blue colour
  • Copper Rose – metallic color (RAL 8029 pearl copper)
RAL 9016
Anti-fingerprint coating Powder coating


What products does the SanTRAL® Plus series consist of?

The SanTRAL® Plus series offers you the complete solution for your washroom. Our product range includes universal dispensers for different liquid products, dispensers for paper towels with different mechanisms, waste bins, special waste bins for hygienic products, dispensers for toilet paper and toilet brushes.

Are SanTRAL® Plus dispensers only available as SMART version?

No, the dispensers can also be used as non-SMART dispensers. The dispensers can also be purchased as Smart Ready so they can become SMART later.

Can I retrofit SanTRAL Plus dispensers to become SMART?

Yes, with the purchase of Smart Retrofit Kits, the dispensers can be retrofitted quickly and easily. The Smart Retrofit Kits can be purchased separately at a later date.

How can I buy a Kanary licence?

You can purchase the license for our facility management program from us, contact us and we will help you set it up. Email your request to

How well is my data protected when I use a connected dispenser?

The dispensers have the highest security standards for wireless transmission. With TLS/HTTPS encryption, your data is maximally protected.

Didn’t find an answer in our frequently asked questions?

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments. We are happy to be of service to you. Our customer service will help you find what you need. Or call us at +31 (0) 318 - 59 29 30.

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SanTRAL® Plus brengt bekroond design naar openbare hygiëne
Verbeter de efficiëntie van openbare toiletten met SanTRAL® Plus en OWMS

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Santral Plus
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