HEWI be iconic. be colourful.

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be healing.

With targeted use of color, you can influence the well-being of a room. This can stimulate healing processes, mediate a sense of security or create a relaxing and stress-free environment.

HEWI ICONIC | Serie 477/80 Care


HEWI ICONIC | Serie 477/80 Education & Kids | Aqua Blue

be wild.

For preschools, nurseries and children’s hospitals, HEWI offers two specially matched
color combinations that make the environment attractive and are perceived as loving by children.

be playful.

A consistent, coordinated color concept not only has a friendly effect and contributes to a sense of well-being, it also makes it easier for children to find their way around.

Being iconic. being colorful.

Color has a strong signal effect – and Healing Architecture shows how important interior design is to patient recovery. With HEWI ICONIC, HEWI has created a color edition of Range 477/801 that aims to do just that. For the healthcare sector – both hospitals and nursing homes – the shades of coral, aqua blue and pure white are decisive and serve as an orientation.

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Learn more about the HEWI Series 477/801 in ICONIC magazine.


HEWI be iconic. be colourful. NL


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