HEWI Range 477/801

Standard, barrier-free sanitary facilities

As the market leader in barrier-free, HEWI sets standards. Back in the 1980s, HEWI developed the first barrier-free series in Germany with series 801. Since then, the series has been continuously further developed and has made a name for itself as a classic in the sanitary area. Series 801 is complemented by sanitary accessories from series 477.

Comprehensive barrier-free system solution

Series 477/801 is distinguished by pleasant haptics. The diameter of the round-tube design is optimally adapted to the hand. The polyamide surface feels pleasantly warm to the touch. The products are designed to support movement processes and compensate for restrictions. Series 477/801 is available in selected HEWI colors, offering many design options, while Series 477/801 in the matte edition offers an alternative design. The matte edition adds a homely design alternative to the washroom in hospitals, retirement homes or nursing homes. Excellent aesthetics and unlimited functionality are not mutually exclusive. Series 477/801 is available in the matte edition in various shades of white and gray. The unique depth of the range, from sanitary accessories to comfort products and from barrier-free elements to door handles, allows for consistent design. The velvety finish of the matte edition is achieved through a special finishing process. The result is a unique design in top quality, made in Germany

Accessible classic

Design icons leave an impression, remain desirable after decades and, with only a few modifications, look as young, fresh and innovative as they did on the very first day. It is not easy to create a design icon. With Series 477/801, HEWI created a true classic, which has since stood for made-in-Germany quality and has become the market leader in the accessible sanitary fittings segment. This icon is available in all HEWI colours and in three exciting Tricolour colour combinations, which give the range a distinct look that appeals to the senses.


Series 477/801 is available in all HEWI colours and in three exciting colour combinations and enables both discreet integration into the colour concept of any room and a high-contrast design that aids orientation. The solid-coloured plastic is particularly robust and resistant to cleaning agents and disinfectants.


An integrated steel core forms the basic framework of many Series 477/801 products and helps ensure maximum stability. Extensive testing has proven the high level of continuous serviceability which ensures many years of use even in highly frequented areas.


With Series 477/801 HEWI offers maximum flexibility. Its wide range of products can be easily adapted to individual requirements and structural conditions.

New dispensers from 477/801

HEWI reinterprets the dispenser solutions of the 477/801 range iconic design. Inspired by clear geometries, a wide-ranging dispenser system in a modern design language has been created. The revised products convince with rounded edges and coloured frame elements. There is a choice of different models made of polyamide with a basic body in pure white or signal white. Due to their robustness, the dispensers find their place in public buildings, such as schools or care facilities.

Adiposity products with support load of up to 300 kg

Every sixth person in Europe is now considered obese. The tendency to be massively overweight is increasing. Special adaptations are required in clinics or even nursing wards to care for people with obesity: more stable operating tables, wider beds, special lift systems and larger movement areas in the bathroom are just a few examples of what is required to care for obese patients. Extremely overweight people are severely restricted in their mobility. Especially for these patients, HEWI has developed products which promote mobility and thus independence and offer reliable support. The sanitary range is made of high-quality polyamide and has a support load of up to 300 kg.

Antimicrobial  protection – HEWI active+

Multi-resistant germs are a problem, especially in hospitals and retirement homes. People with a weakened immune system should be protected against this, especially by comprehensive hygiene. Regular cleaning and disinfection considerably reduces the risk of infection. HEWI active+ products offer additional protection. Due to the antimicrobial effect of HEWI active+ products, the number of germs on the product surface between cleaning and disinfection cycles is significantly reduced. This considerably reduces the risk of pathogen transmission and effectively supports hygiene.

Microsilver is used, which has a broad effectiveness against bacteria and fungi. This releases silver ions that inhibit the growth of bacteria and other unwanted germs, thus minimising the risk of infection for humans. Within 24 hours, a continuous reduction of undesirable germs on the surface of the products takes place, so that 99.9% of germs are reduced within this period.

HEWI colour of your choice

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HEWI ICONIC | Serie 477/80 Care
HEWI ICONIC | Serie 477/80 Education & Kids | Apple Green
HEWI active+
HEWI Mobile hinged support rails
HEWI ICONIC | Serie 477/801 Education & Kids | Aqua Blue

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