KWC F4LT-Med - The new tap line for the healthcare sector


New F4 tap line: F4LT-Med (KWC Professional)

The F4 thermostatic single-lever mixers combine the most important criteria for hygienically sensitive areas, such as safety, ergonomics and easy cleaning. This makes the faucets ideally suited for washrooms in hospitals and care facilities, for example.


Protection against burns & drinking water hygiene – but safe

The innovative mixing cartridge combines for the first time the full thermostat function with the proven ceramic disc technology. “THERM inside” allows the user to turn on the faucet as usual with the operating lever and now also simultaneously select the desired temperature in a way that protects the user from burns.

The two-sense principle facilitates the use

The ergonomically shaped lever cap of the F4LT-Med cranes is easy to grip even with limited manual dexterity thanks to its bracket shape and slight curvature in the front section. In addition, the basalt gray coating on the end of the lever provides visual orientation for all users.

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KWC PROFESSIONAL F4LT-Med & F5L-Therm thermostatic single lever mixers

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