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Wagner-Ewar The safe grip

Wagner-Ewar The safe grip

Wagner-Ewar The safe grip

When it comes to reliable and safe plumbing solutions, “Wagner Ewar The Safe Grip” products are in a class of their own. This innovative line from Wagner Ewar is specifically designed to provide both functionality and safety, exemplified by their 32 mm stainless steel tubing of grade 1.4301. The choice between a matte finish or a “non-slip” finish makes these products not only aesthetically pleasing, but also practical and safe.

Wagner Ewar

Wagner Ewar products

Wagner Ewar products are known for their durability and ease of use. They are TÜV-certified in accordance with DIN EN 12182, bear the CE mark in accordance with 93/42 EWG, and can handle a load of up to 125 kg. With a wall clearance of 106 mm and rosettes of 75 mm diameter, these handles offer optimum safety and ease of use.

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A key feature of the Wagner Ewar The Safe Grip line is its robust construction, which requires little maintenance and remains trouble-free for a long time. The products are supported by comprehensive planning documents and standardized product data, contributing to smooth implementation in any project. With fast delivery times, transparent calculation documents, and long-term availability of spare parts, Wagner Ewar provides a reliable and long-term solution for its customers.

These products appeal not only to professionals such as builders, architects and planners, but also to wholesalers, craftsmen, end users and maintenance teams. The ease of installation, thanks to the included mounting hardware and first fill of manufacturer-dependent consumables, along with the simplicity of maintenance, makes the Wagner Ewar The Safe Grip line an ideal choice for a variety of environments.

In short, Wagner Ewar products, especially “The Safe Grip” line, embody a perfect balance of safety, aesthetics and functionality, intended to meet the diverse needs of all parties involved.


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CitroenAir does not ship outside Europe itself. However, you can have the products collected.

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For stock items, we normally guarantee a delivery time of 3-5 days. For all other items, this depends on available stock from the manufacturer and available production capacity. Please please inquire.    

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