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Ophardt Hygiene RX Series

The flexible dispenser series

The RX dispenser series offers both medical and public institutions maximum flexibility in hand hygiene.

Hand hygiene everywhere

Manual or contactless and at the same time particularly flexible for medical practices and patient rooms: thanks to its flexible installation options, the innovative RX dispensing system creates the possibility for effective hand hygiene almost everywhere. A robust plastic housing, compatibility with the DHP disposable pump (according to the recommendations of DGKH and KRINKO) or convenient removal of the pump front from the device are further highlights of the economical dispenser series. In addition, all RX dispensers are compatible with commercially available 500 ml Euro bottles. This enables the use of different manufacturers and thus sustainably increases flexibility in the choice of filling goods.

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With which mounting plate can the RX Euro dispenser be combined?

All RX Euro dispensers are compatible with the ingo-man series mounting plate. This mounting plate is attached to the wall with three screws. Please note that the RX 5 T touchless Euro dispenser requires an additional adapter for mounting on the back wall.

In what situations is the RX Euro dispenser suitable?

The RX Euro dispenser is suitable for a wide range of applications. These include healthcare facilities such as clinics, hospitals, doctors' offices, rehabilitation clinics and pharmacies, as well as public spaces such as offices, educational institutions, stores or shopping centers. This flexibility is made possible by the many installation options and the Euro bottle stand.

How is the number of strokes per activation set on the RX 5 T Euro dispenser?

The number of strokes per activation can be set on the RX 5 T Euro dispenser using a small switch on the side of the outlet cover hinge. By default, the RX 5 T Euro dispenser is set to one stroke per activation.

What are the options for branding and personalisation of the dispenser?

In addition to the classic white version, the RX euro dispenser is available in three standard signal colours. You can also place a logo on the top of the dispenser lid. For the manual RX Euro dispenser, printing is possible on the side of the dispenser housing.

How should the RX Euro dispenser be cleaned?

The RX Euro dispenser should be cleaned with a damp cloth and disinfected after a sufficiently long drying period. Remove the batteries from the non-contact dispensing system before using the dispenser again to avoid unwanted activation during cleaning. It is also important not to use abrasive and caustic cleaning agents.

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Ophardt Hygiene RX Series

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