Mediclinics U-Flow

U-Flow, the Future of Hand Drying

The new U-Flow is a “hands through”, fast, energy efficient, environmentally friendly, hygienic & stylish hand dryer, suitable for high traffic facilities.

Its innovative and ergonomic U-shaped design allows total freedom of movement, making hand drying a unique experience full of protection and hygiene.

Combining  a HEPA filter media with Ion Hygienic and Biocote technology to eliminate viruses and bacteria, this hand dryer is one of the most hygienic on the market.

More Than Just Hand Drying

This innovative dryer is designed to provide an experience that goes beyond simply drying hands. Imagine entering a bathroom and feeling transported to an oasis of freedom, hygiene, and innovation. That's the U-Flow experience. The U-Flow hand dryer invites you to enjoy the freedom to move your hands as you wish, thanks to its revolutionary U-shaped design. This transforms the drying process into a unique experience, offering maximum hygiene and well-being through state-of-the-art technology.

U-Flow plug-in

Forget about complicated manuals and tedious set-ups. With the U-Flow plug-in, you can install or replace it without any prior knowledge, easily and quickly, in just three steps and in ten seconds. Connect and let the magic flow. It’s as easy as putting together the pieces of a child’s jigsaw puzzle.

Channel water directly to the drain

One of the standout features of U-Flow is its ability to channel water straight to the drain. Yes, you read that correctly! No longer will you have to deal with pesky puddles on the bathroom floor. Its direct drainage connection ensures that water flows straight down, maintaining a clean and dry floor at all times.

Imagine the reassurance of knowing that your employees, customers, or visitors won’t have to navigate around slippery puddles after using the bathroom. With U-Flow, cleanliness and safety are seamlessly combined.

Colour variants for every space

ABS plastic
Aluminium look

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New Hand dryer U-Flow by Mediclinics
Mediclinics U-Flow Plug In System

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