Mediclinics Babymedi® baby changing station

Baby changing stations with double protection

BabyMedi® changing stations provide exceptional safety and cleanliness, making them ideal for public spaces such as shopping centres, airports, public buildings, childcare centres, and more. Designed for high-traffic areas, these models offer superior strength and durability.

Equipped with “Ion Hygienic” technology, these changing stations include an ionizer that neutralizes viruses and bacteria by emitting negative ions, effectively deactivating harmful microorganisms and ensuring a hygienic environment for babies.

The surface of the changing stations incorporates Biocote® antimicrobial additive, which uses ion silver technology to facilitate easy cleaning and inhibit the growth of odor-causing and staining microbes.

Kit to recess the baby changing station

Mediclinics baby changing stations are made of bacterial-resistant polypropylene and with an ionizer that eliminate microorganisms such as viruses, bacteria, fungi, etc. Changing stations are available as horizontal and vertical, also in various colour variants and there is now also kits to recess the station available. This kit to recess the baby changing station allows the changing table to be completely flush with the wall once it is closed, not taking up unnecessary space and thus allowing the creation of more open spaces free of obstacles.

Mediclinics baby changing station features

  • Their trendy and stylish design, allow these baby changing stations to blend into any space perfectly.
  • BabyMedi® baby changing stations are supplied (inside the packing box) with child protection straps made of nylon.
  • A pair of bag hooks (one at the right side and the other one at the left) help to keep personal belongings close and at hand.
  • BabyMedi® units fully comply with the EN 12221-1 and EN 12221-2 standards that require baby changing stations be able to support a 50 Kg static load test during one hour. Moreover, units tested in our own laboratories have withstood loads over 100 kg.

A glimpse into the recent past

It wasn’t until the early 2010s that companies producing wall-mounted changing stations started to seriously invest in and innovate their designs and finishes. They recognized that practicality, quality, and durability were no longer sufficient. Customers began to demand that bathrooms seamlessly integrate with the design of the surrounding communal spaces. The overall image of the space became crucial, and bathrooms played a significant role in this perception. As a result, baby changing stations needed to adopt a more refined, modern, and elegant appearance.

That’s how the Mediclinics Babymedi baby changing station was first produced and marketed in 2016. Mediclinics Babymedi was a clear example of this development: quality, durability, functionality and design.

ABS plastic
Powder coating Brushed

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