KWC PROFESSIONAL STRATOS Characteristic curved design, hygienic and vandal-resistant

With STRATOS accessories, the washroom stays clean longer, because the front surface of these products is refined with the proven InoxPlus technology. In this process, nanoparticles bond with the molecules of the metal surface and creep close to the microscopically small bumps. The resulting very fine structure makes fingerprints virtually invisible. The series includes products for surface and flush mounting.

Stainless steel with InoxPlus finish

With KWC's InoxPlus surface refinement, it has been perfectly possible to further optimize the already easy-to-clean stainless steel. With it, fingerprints are now a thing of the past. This is a technology in which nanoparticles adhere to the molecules of the metal surface, smoothing out microscopic imperfections. The result: deeply refined, easy-to-clean surfaces that repel fingerprints.

Inox Plus

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KWC Professional, as part of the KWC Group, focuses on the intelligent equipment of sanitary rooms in (semi)-public and commercial installations. Our portfolio also includes solutions for specific sanitary rooms in hospitals and care settings, correctional facilities, schools and laboratories as well as solutions for ensuring barrier-free access. Across the entire KWC Group, we rely […]