KWC HOME DOMO 6.0 Switzerland’s faucet of choice: quality redefined

Few design objects have managed to remain modern for around 40 years, but the KWC DOMO, probably Switzerland’s biggest selling faucet, has done just that.

KWC DOMO 6.0 bath

And the success story continues: what has proven itself a million times over, together with careful further developments and the latest technology, has flowed into a contemporary generation with an even wider range of products: KWC DOMO | 6.0.

KWC DOMO 6.0 kitchen

Tried-and-tested perfection and technology: The new smaller variant is ideal for installation in tight spaces. It also stands out thanks to its high-quality look and feel, as well as its intuitive operation, sophisticated ergonomics and pull-out spray with three types of streams. These characteristics are what makes the DOMO line particularly popular..

Simple cleaning

The curved shape of the lever and spout makes cleaning easir. The lack of joints on the tap means that there is nowhere for dirt to accumulate. This keeps the workspace hygienic.

Three types of streams

TripleClean at the touch of a button: The normal stream is perfect for quickly filling the sink and pots, while PowerSpray is
suitable for pre-rinsing and removing dirt. SoftSpray is suitable for the gentle washing of food.

High level of safety

The double skin principle TouchProtect means that the outside of the pull-out spray never gets hot. This significantly reduces the risk of burns.

Enjoyable operation

OptimalSpace extends the working radius. The spray head can be pulled out by up to 600 millimetres. The 90-degree angle increases space in the sink.

Simple installation

With QuickInstallation, installation is quick and convenient even in tight spaces.

High-gloss chrome

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KWC HOME DOMO 6.0 Treplus

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