KWC HOME AVA 2.0 Design and function playfully combined

More than an eye-catcher in the kitchen.

KWC AVA 2.0 in the bathroom

Stylistic uncompromisingness, purist elegance, solid quality. And a functionality so perfect that it is hardly noticeable.

KWC AVA 2.0 in the kitchen

A unique flat lever, elegant cubic design, ultra-slim silhouette and a hand shower with three jet types. The new KWC AVA 2.0 is not only a highlight for the eyes, but also inspires with thoughtful functions for the kitchen. Thanks to its unibody design, this faucet fits into any stylish kitchen and simplifies tasks such as washing dishes in no time.

High security

The KWC AVA 2.0’s pull-out hand shower also does not get hot thanks to TouchProtect, its double-shell construction. This significantly reduces the risk of scalding.

Easy cleaning

Anti-scaling buttons and the SprayClean hand shower strainer reduce limescale deposits and simplify cleaning. The unibody, which has no joints, is also extremely hygienic. As a result, hardly any limescale build-up occurs.

Enjoyable work

The hand shower can be extended to a length of 600 millimeters. The 90-degree angle of the outlet looks elegant and increases the space in the sink. The flat convertible lever is used for precise adjustment of the water jet. As a result, the design is as stylish as it is functional.

Three jet modes

The special feature of the KWC AVA 2.0 is its three steel modes. The normal mode is used for quickly filling the sink or basin. The PowerSpray’s powerful jet makes washing dishes easier. The SoftSpray is suitable for cleaning fruit or lettuce.

High-gloss chrome
Brushed Powder coating

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