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Ophardt Hygiene ingo-man® plus

Medical hand hygiene with quality

The ingo-man is already the No. 1 in German hospitals and impresses with numerous benefits.

Germany's best-known disinfectant dispenser

Since the introduction of the first product series in 1967, ingo-man dispensing systems have supported many generations of nurses and physicians in hand hygiene. Based on continuously developed functionality and durability, the ingo-man product family has successfully established itself as a quality benchmark for dispensing systems in the medical sector. Today, the ingo-man product family offers comprehensive complete hygiene solutions for clinics and hospitals: a wide range of soap and disinfection dispensers, paper towel dispensers, waste containers and a continuously growing number of storage solutions. The ingo-man series offers the right solution for every situation. ® With the ingo-man dispensing system, you are also well prepared for the future and enjoy the benefits of electronic hand hygiene monitoring thanks to the ingo-man SmartNose.®

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What does the name ingo-man® mean?

The name ingo-man® is an amalgamation of the words engineer, Ophardt, and manus, which is Latin for hand.

How should the ingo-man® plus be cleaned and treated?

The ingo-man® dispensers are suitable for manual cleaning in a dishwasher and even for treatment in an autoclave. Different instructions apply for ingo-man plus dispensers with electronics, such as the touchless dispensers. For more details, see the ingo-man instruction manual.

How does ingo-man® plus differ from its imitations and fakes?

The ingo-man® is often imitated, but never duplicated. An important quality indicator is the OPHARDT hologram affixed to the outside of the housing. Another important distinguishing feature concerns the material used. The ingo-man® has a thicker material than all its imitations, and the original clearly stands out in a confrontation.

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Ophardt Hygiene GmbH is a German company focused on producing hygiene solutions for the medical, healthcare and public sectors. The company was founded in 1963 and is headquartered in Issum, Germany. Ophardt Hygiene produces a wide range of products, including hand sanitizers, hand sanitizer dispensers, paper towel dispensers and soap dispensers. The company specializes in […]