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Simple and functional design

When entering a room, the door handle is the first object you touch. The appearance of the product must make the thought of touching it attractive – without attracting so much attention that after a month or two the product begins to bore the user’s eye. This is why d line door handles, handles, etc. are all developed in a constant balancing act between the impact of three different feelings, namely sight, sound and touch. Either way, it remains a simple and functional design, but the minimalist exterior hides the advanced technology that guarantees the strength and durability of the hardware for many years.

Complete range of hardware

The products in the d line ́s hardware series can be used in all areas and are well suited for high traffic areas such as commercial or government buildings because of the ball bearing mechanism in all d line levers and the strength of the varied assortment of products that go with them.

The d line hardware series is a complete range of hardware products of levers, backplates, pull handles, window handles and door stops. Strength, durability and functionality play an integral role in product development and in the overall shape and character of the products.

Brushed Polished PVD-coating Powder coating

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