Trendsetting innovation from KWC Home AVA 2.0

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When KWC AVA was launched in 2010, it quickly became a favorite of design-conscious architects and builders and a bestseller. At the time, the design struck a bridge between the traditional product world and modern, design-oriented bathroom architecture.The second generation, KWC AVA 2.0, now launched, once again captures the zeitgeist. It follows a soft aesthetic that can also be found in the bathroom furnishings of our time. Fine, soft and yet straightforward design, which self-consciously holds back, leaving plenty of room for individual style. Unobtrusive, timeless and elegant, it stands for style, quality and durability. You feel this at its latest when you operate the fitting and notice its flat lever, its guidance and movement: KWC AVA 2.0 convinces immediately.

KWC AVA 2.0 is a faucet series that, with its perfect symbiosis of cylinders and rectangles, is suitable for both trendy and modern bathrooms. The highlight is the ultra-flat lever that moves across the faucet body with Swiss precision. The KWC CoolFix function ensures sustainable, energy-saving use because the water flows cold only in the middle position. KWC AVA 2.0 stands for the combination of elegance, precision and durability.

Unique flat lever, elegant soft-cube design, ultra-slim silhouette. The new KWC AVA 2.0 makes it clear that whoever lives here knows exactly what they want from life and their bathroom: stylish confidence, simple elegance, outstanding quality and functionality so perfect you hardly notice it.

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KWC AVA 2.0 chrome and KWC AVA E stainless steel.


An eye-catcher in any kitchen Outstanding designer faucet with three spray types A unique flat lever, stylish softcube design, ultra-slim silhouette: the new KWC AVA 2.0 makes a statement in the modern kitchen.Bright yet understated, it makes a statement, especially in open spaces. The three spray types are also exceptional. With its unibody design, the KWC AVA 2.0 harmonizes perfectly with any style world.


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