Take your design to the next level with Bobrick's towel roll dispensers

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Design and role

The recessed lock and smaller footprint keep the profile slim and sleek to enhance the design of your washroom.

Activating and rolling

No-touch sensor-controlled activation makes it easy to use and helps create a hygienic restroom.

Refills & Rolls

Suitable for universal roll towels that require less cost, less waste and less maintenance for lower total cost of ownership, especially in high-traffic buildings.

See the light

New! Intuitive light clearly guides users to the towel activation area, eliminating hand frustration.

Integrity of design

Protect the intent of your project with every application and avoid conversion to plastic dispensers after installation when you choose a roll towel dispenser instead of a folded towel.


Switching from folded towels to roll towels saves you 30% in ongoing costs, while universal free-market purchasing frees you from fixed contract prices and eliminates the risk of an empty dispenser.

Adjustable options

Enjoy flexible functionality with features such as adjustable dispenser lengths and sensor ranges, hidden or visible paper, and an optional 3974-57 AC adapter that eliminates the need for batteries.

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Choose Bobrick’s automatic universal roll towel dispenser for timeless aesthetics, intuitive operation and robust technology.


Bobrick Automatic Towel Dispenser


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