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Durable valve systems specifically engineered for high-security environments, along with robust stainless steel equipment solutions, provide a guarantee of functional safety, longevity, and cleanliness. These solutions encompass a range of technologies, including self-closing or electronically controlled sanitary taps and valves for washing, showering, and flushing. Such systems can even offer remote activation or centralized control through the AQUA 3000 open water management system.

The utilization of solid stainless steel extends beyond mere cover plates and resilient washbasins. System integrity is further fortified through concealed fixings employing threaded rods for connections and maintenance access via service rooms. Moreover, security measures are bolstered by the incorporation of safety screws to secure taps and valves, anti-twist safeguards for spouts and shower heads, and anti-theft aerators, collectively ensuring comprehensive protection against tampering and theft.

Wash area

A diverse array of tap, valve, and installation configurations are at your disposal for the wash area. These options encompass a self-closing bibtap designed for surface mounting, a self-closing wall-mounted mixer tailored for rear wall installation, as well as self-closing and other A3000 open-enabled electronic wash station taps suitable for in-wall installation or connection and maintenance via a service room.

Shower area

When it comes to showering facilities, operators have the choice of utilizing one-piece, fully welded stainless steel shower panels, which can be seamlessly paired with accessories such as the AQUAJET Slimline shower head boasting an anti-ligature design from the KWC Professional range. These shower panels come with various valve technologies, including an integrated anti-theft thermostat for enhanced anti-scalding protection. Additionally, shower valve options are available for either in-wall installation or connection and maintenance via a service room, providing flexibility and ease of access for maintenance personnel.

WC area

To complement the described installation types, a diverse selection of WC flushing valves and WC cistern controls is available, including network-enabled electronic flushing valves, which comprise the manufacturer’s comprehensive range of fittings.

All tap and valve variants seamlessly integrate with anti-vandalism washbasins, fittings, and accessories crafted from robust and high-quality stainless steel. Alternatively, hand washbasins and WC bowls are offered in sturdy glass-fibre-reinforced plastic featuring an easy-care gelcoat surface.

These products, along with others mentioned, constitute the extensive range specifically developed for security areas by KWC Professional.


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