KWC. The new name of Franke Water Systems

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There is no future without a past: entering a new era together

  • Stainless steel is undoubtedly one of our core competencies.
  • We produce durable and robust products that are 100% recyclable.
  • Combined with excellent design and smart electronics, we take water management to a new level.
  • Digitalization is here too, not only for contactless taps and the regulation of resource consumption. We take that seriously. And at KWC and Franke Water Systems, that goes hand in hand. We are expanding our technological know-how and becoming a factory of ideas.
  • Our products are not only an expression of care and safety in the private sphere, but also for the special requirements of water points in public areas.
  • And that is precisely our advantage: with our knowledge from the professional sphere, we can also serve the private sphere. We are experts with passion.

Purest competencies under one roof

KWC and Franke Water Systems become one: KWC
Together we offer solutions not only for┬áprivate households – kitchen and bath – but also for public life. Here, too, the demands are getting higher and higher. We can meet them.

KWC Brand Video

KWC Home

Sink and shower faucets for exclusive bathrooms and wellness areas at home, faucets for private kitchens and professional soup kitchens.

KWC Professional

Mixer technology for public and commercial plumbing systems, water management systems, stainless steel and mineral granite equipment elements, specialty products.

KWC Medical

Taps, spouts and water temperature control systems, as well as special cleaning products for the medical sector.

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Learn more about the new KWC in this brochure.

View the brochure

Learn more about the new KWC PROFESSIONAL in this brochure.


What does KWC, the new name for Franke Water Systems, mean?

KWC is, after Franke, the best-known brand name within the Franke Water Systems division. Therefore, we decided to highlight this brand name and operate the entire division under the name KWC Group AG. This name change was implemented at the beginning of March 2022.

What is KWC’s new strategy?

The new KWC is on course for global growth. As a company, we offer complete solutions for the Commercial Washrooms sector and want to continue to impress our customers in the future.

What skills does the new KWC possess?

The "new" KWC combines all the expertise of the individual companies at all locations. The KWC brand stands for health protection, sustainability, safety and dedication. KWC meets all the needs of its target groups in today's world. This is made possible by all the skills and expertise available to KWC, whether in stainless steel production, electronics, design, development or innovation, at six production sites in Unterkulm, Ludwigsfelde, Ras Al Khaimah, the United Kingdom, Finland and China.


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About KWC

KWC Professional, as part of the KWC Group, focuses on the intelligent equipment of sanitary rooms in (semi)-public and commercial... Meer lezen »