KWC FX-M modular wash place unit

Brands 27 October 2022 CitroenAir

FX-Modular “Clean & Dry / Clean & Towel”

FX-M is a compact and modularly designed washroom unit for the (semi-)public washroom of the future.

The smart and illuminated controls of this wash station unit work completely intuitively and contactless for the user. The contactless activation of water, soap and hot air contribute to hygienic operation.

A bar lights up as soon as the sensor detects an approaching user. Automatically illuminated symbols guide the user past various functions. In addition, a spotlight shines on your hands making hand washing a real experience.

In keeping with the modular nature of the concept, the module is also available in a version with a large paper dispenser behind the mirror.

The seamless and reduced housing shape, in which all functional components are integrated, improve cleaning and hygiene.

FX Modular is ideal for combining with the QUADRO-FX sink from the KWC Professional range. As a custom solution for installing series sinks, the ETON sink from our VARIUS range is very suitable.

Fast, simple, beautiful

With the fully prefabricated FX-M wash bay unit, you can get started right after delivery to the construction site or building with its easy installation. Simply unpack, assemble, connect and use immediately.

Easily create a beautiful washroom – Check it out here.

KWC PROFESSIONAL FX-M Modular wash place unit for the future
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KWC Professional, as part of the KWC Group, focuses on the intelligent equipment of sanitary rooms in (semi)-public and commercial installations. Our portfolio also includes solutions for specific sanitary rooms in hospitals and care settings, correctional facilities, schools and laboratories as well as solutions for ensuring barrier-free access. Across the entire KWC Group, we rely […]