Koala Kare innovative baby changing stations

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Koala Kare has combined their years of regulatory experience and passion for meeting the needs of families with input from leading designers and end users to create an unparalleled new product line.

With the stainless steel horizontal KB310 and vertical KB311, Koala Kare now brings the most innovative baby changing stations to the market.

Unparalleled craftsmanship

The KB310 and KB311 baby changing stations feature a one-piece, deep-drawn stainless steel body with uniform grain that eliminates seams, sharp edges and weld lines. An improved built-in frame provides superior bed stability.

The innovative stainless steel commodes feature thoughtful design, unparalleled craftsmanship and convenient features for product owners and end users.

Thoughtful convenient features for end users include:

MicrobanĀ® antimicrobial product protection. These antimicrobial additives inhibit the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew on the surface of the product and will provide lasting protection

An improved wipes dispenser

A convenient bag hook for easy access to items in diaper bags

The wipe dispenser with two openings has an internal spring lip that dispenses one wipe at a time. – Equipped with a cylinder lock, equally locking for Bobrick toilet accessories.

Suitable for wheelchair users

The KB310 and KB311 changing stations meet a comprehensive set of global wheelchair accessibility requirements*.

When properly installed, KB310 and KB311 units meet the requirements for a knee clearance of 68.58 cm from the finished floor. When open, the handles also meet the 68.58 cm requirement so that protruding objects can be detected by a cane, which is one of the ways a person with visual impairment finds their way around.

Check out our helpful video on how to safely install KB310 or KB311 at your location.

Koala Kare KB310/KB311 SSRE Installation Video

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