Geesa Opal and Leev series

Brands 11 October 2022 CitroenAir

Opal series

With the Opal series, you go completely back to basics. Many people like round and rectangular designs. Then the Opal is perfect. With the Opal series, you are going to notice that it looks playful while remaining luxurious. This makes it look beautiful. What also makes the Opal collection so nice is that it gives your bathroom a more fun atmosphere, but at the same time remains luxurious, this is an ideal option for many people. 

Leev series 

With the Leev series this is a little different from the Opal series. The core of the Leev series is to use the living space as efficiently as possible, which can also be combined with other accessories;


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About Geesa

Designing, developing, producing and delivering bathroom accessories is what Geesa has been doing with passion and dedication for over 135 years. Geesa specializes in high-quality bathroom accessories with thoughtful design and attention to detail. Geesa offers maximum support to architects, designers, clients and (end) users in designing and realizing bathroom interiors, in design and functionality.