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The CONTI+ CONPRIMUS shower panel.

Thanks to a concept as ingenious as it is simple, the new CONTI+ CONPRIMUS shower panels offer a completely unique hygiene standard: the electronically controlled thermostat is located at the same height as the shower head. This reduces to an absolute minimum the column of stagnant water created by conventional shower systems. In addition, the hot, cold and mixed water lines can be flushed separately. This allows the CONTI+ CONPRIMUS to almost completely eliminate microbiological contamination of the shower water.

The thermostat based on proportional valve technology offers volume control of the shower water via servomotors. Moreover, by placing the thermostat precisely at the height of the shower head, creating a very small standing water column, we have achieved an extremely high and completely new hygiene standard for shower panels. CONTI+ CONPRIMUS is therefore an ideal shower application for public, semi-public and commercial environments, as these areas must meet particularly high requirements of functional safety and protection against vandalism, as well as hygiene and maintenance.

In addition to the new features, particular attention has been paid to the design of the shower panels. With a depth of only 4 inches, the CONTI+ CONPRIMUS’ stainless steel lid is much slimmer than that of similar products, making it ideal for all types of shower rooms. It is also very easy to maintain. All hydraulic and working parts are located on the rear panel, behind a stainless steel cover that is easy to remove.The CONTI+ CONPRIMUS also caught the eye of the German Design Award jury, which awarded the shower panels a Special Mention in the Excellent Product Design – Bath and Wellness category for the quality of its execution. The jury’s decision was as follows: “The electronically controlled shower panel features a new kind of tap technology. This interesting product with its elegant, sleek, stainless steel design can be used in many modern shower rooms.

Smart features for ease of use and operational reliability

The other functions of the CONTI+ CONPRIMUS also impress: the E-control electronic control unit with multi-color LED temperature display allows smooth temperature adjustment and offers a start/stop function. The temperature selection and shower control can be ergonomically operated with a push & turn mechanism, which will be familiar to many automotive users. The red, violet and blue LED color spectrum indicates the selected temperature range. Once the set water flow time has ended or the water flow is actively stopped by pressing the E-control, the set temperature is maintained for a variable time. Then the thermostat automatically switches to an also adjustable base temperature (factory set to 38 °C).

The CONTI+ CONPRIMUS shower panels are now available in three different mains-powered versions: as a multiple installation with integration into the CNX water management system (with all logging functions included), as a standalone solution that can be operated with the CONTI+ Service APP, and as a basic entry-level version with functions that can be programmed directly on the shower panel using the piezo push button.

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