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Brands 14 March 2023 CitroenAir

Bobrick is synonymous with design, innovation and quality. Its washroom accessories are designed to support long-term goals, from high-quality aesthetics to cost savings in use and compliance with accessibility requirements and more. Check out our most recent offerings below.

KB310 & KB311 Baby changing stations

A combination of beautiful, modern visual aesthetics and functional excellence. The baby changing stations consist of one-piece, deep-drawn, stainless steel components with an even grain, eliminating seams, sharp edges and weld lines.

B-8281 SureFlo®

The automatic foam soap dispenser with top-fill is specially designed to fit into existing 25 mm diameter holes. The “touch-free” foam soap dispenser minimizes cross-contamination, allows for easy top-fill maintenance and offers unmatched foam quality.

Fino collection

Meet the Fino Collection, with its perfect balance of design and functional sensibility. All accessories come standard in high-quality satin-finished stainless steel. Image: B-7179

TrimLineSeries™ Renewal

Two major upgrades have been added to the entire TrimLineSeries. The first is that a built-in TowelMate® is added and comes standard for all TrimLine folding towel dispensers, reducing waste and towel usage by 20%. The second is that the locks on all applicable products will be converted to recessed/sunken. Pictured: B-359033 and B-35883.

Bobrick is a company known for design, innovation and quality in the production of sanitary accessories. Their product offerings include baby changing tables, automatic foam soap dispensers, the Fino Collection and the TrimLineSeries. Bobrick focuses on providing durable solutions that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. For example, they have designed baby changing tables with a seamless design that eliminates sharp edges and weld lines. In addition, Bobrick revamped the TrimLineSeries with two major upgrades: a built-in TowelMate and recessed locks for all applicable products. Bobrick remains an industry leader and a go-to choice for customers looking for durable and reliable plumbing accessories. Finally, if you have more questions, please contact CitroenAir.


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Some of the world’s most renowned companies and institutions rely on Bobrick solutions to reinforce their brand, improve hygiene and position their organisations for a successful future. Bobrick accessories are engineered to support long-term facility objectives, from aesthetics to touch-free operation to accessibility and more. Today, institutional restroom designs are often no longer sufficient. Therefore, […]