Bobrick Fino collection: two elegant finishes, one refined collection

Brands 25 October 2022 CitroenAir

Elegance redefined

Bobrick, the global sanitary accessories brand, and Thrislington Cubicles, winners of multiple European design awards, have created the Fino Collection, an elevated design line of accessories.

The cubist simplicity of the Fino collection, now available in matte black

Fino, the perfect balance of function and design, is made of high-quality stainless steel and has a seamless construction.

The Fino collection includes:

  • A hand dryer, paper towel dispenser and trash can that share the same cubist simplicity.
  • Toilet roll holders and matching hook offer a subtle, residential-inspired design with cylindrical shapes.
  • Accessible handles with machined flanges and hidden fasteners, offer safety, beauty and a timeless design statement.

All Fino accessories come standard in stainless steel with satin finish or matte black.

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Learn more about the Bobrick Fino collection in this brochure.


Bobrick Fino Collection


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About Bobrick

Some of the world’s most renowned companies and institutions rely on Bobrick solutions to reinforce their brand, improve hygiene and position their organisations for a successful future. Bobrick accessories are engineered to support long-term facility objectives, from aesthetics to touch-free operation to accessibility and more. Today, institutional restroom designs are often no longer sufficient. Therefore, […]