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Working together

Sectors CitroenAir cooperates with:

  • Architects

  • Interior Designers

  • Installers

  • Property Management

CitroenAir is a specialist, advisor and supplier of sanitary equipment for the professional market. With the largest range of sanitary quality products and accessories, we guarantee durability, ease of use and a surprisingly beautiful appearance. In the Netherlands and throughout Europe.

Cooperation with CitroenAir

Advice and information

still have some questions about a product or would like to receive more information?

Advice and information

Planning and consulting

We would be happy to advise you personally.

Planning and consulting

Good advice, the best quality products and excellent service

That is where our focus lies. We support customers in small and large projects, consult together on the best product choice and provide excellent service before, during and after completion. So that they are not only today, but also 10 years from now, still very satisfied with their collaboration with CitroenAir

Excellence in bespoke solutions,project and product consulting

Whereas CitroenAir originated as a wholesaler for sanitary accessories with a strong service character, the company's focus has now shifted to its current role as a 'consulting supplier'.

Accessories for the washroom are still the starting point here, however, the strength and opportunities in the market now lie more in the area of service and providing tailor-made solutions.

Planning and consulting