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Waste bins for your company

Welcome to CitroenAir, your expert partner for sanitary solutions. As a leading supplier in the industry, we pride ourselves not only on our wide range of sanitary products, but also on our ability to provide excellent advice and customized solutions. As a sanitary wholesale, we focus on long-term relationships, guaranteeing that even after 10 years, you will still be fully satisfied with our cooperation.

Why choose CitroenAir waste bins?

  • Variety and Quality: Explore our wide range of waste bins, from open models to self-closing variants and bins in various sizes. Each product is carefully selected to ensure durability and functionality.
  • Customization and Expertise: Rely on our in-depth knowledge and experience to provide you with bins that seamlessly fit your specific needs and the aesthetics of your space.
  • Dedicated Service: Enjoy our customer-centric approach with fast response times, personalized advice and a team always ready to answer your questions.

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Why are waste bins essential for your company?

Waste bins are an indispensable element in maintaining cleanliness and efficiency within your business. Our waste bins not only provide a practical waste management solution, but also demonstrate your commitment to cleanliness and concern for the environment.

  • Hygiene and cleanliness: Choose from our range of hygienic waste bins, including self-closing models and bins with pedal operation, to keep your areas clean and orderly.
  • Efficiency and eco-friendliness: Reduce your carbon footprint with our sustainable waste bins. Choose models that are easy to clean and contribute to an effective waste management system.
  • Design and functionality: Beautify your space with our stylish waste bins, which are not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing. Perfect for spaces where appearance is important.
  • Reliability and ease of maintenance: Go for our robust, low-maintenance waste bins that ensure long-lasting performance. Ideal for locations with many visitors, where reliable and easy-to-maintain solutions are required.

Our range


Space-saving and hygienic, our open waste bins are a practical choice for any business. Ideal for areas where quick and easy waste disposal is required.


Foot/Knee operation

Our foot- or knee-operated waste bins offer a hands-free solution for hygienic waste management. Perfect for high-traffic areas where hygiene is paramount.

Foot/Knee operation

Hinged Lid

Stylish and functional, our flip-lid waste bins combine convenience with hygiene. An elegant choice for offices, hotels and other representative spaces.

Hinged Lid

Self-Closing Lid

Choose convenience and hygiene with our self-closing bins, designed to minimize the spread of odors and bacteria. Ideal for washrooms and kitchens where cleanliness is essential.

Self-Closing Lid

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