How to install your Dyson Airblade 9kJ hand dryer

How to install your Dyson Airblade 9kJ hand dryer

How to install your Dyson Airblade 9kJ hand dryer This video illustrates the key elements of the Dyson Airblade 9kJ installation process. Please turn on subtitles for full instructions The process shown here has been shortened, it does not show the entire installation process and is not intended to be a substitute for the printed installation guide supplied with the machine. All electrical installation and repair work should be carried by a qualified electrician. Step 1. Before starting installation, read all the instructions and cautionary markings provided with the machine. Step 2. Make sure that no pipework (gas, water, air) or electrical cables, wires or ductwork are located directly behind the drilling/mounting area. Step 3. The mounting bracket supplied is only suitable for supported/solid walls. Step 4. For installation on unsupported plasterboard a Dyson supporting backplate must be used. Step 5. Isolate the mains power supply before starting installation. Step 6. Use the mounting template for recommended installation heights. Step 7. Use the mounting template to mark the drill holes. Step 8. Remove the mounting template before drilling. Step 9. Drill the holes using a suitable drill bit Step 10. Rear cable entry installation Step 11. Unscrew and remove the terminal block holder and cable clamp. Step 12. Make sure the pre-installed earth wire remains secured. Step 13. Cut the cable gland smaller than the diameter of the cable. Step 14. Use suitable fixings to fix the mounting bracket to the wall. Step 15. Feed the cable through the gland. Step 16. If fitting the supporting backplate follow the instructions supplied with it. Step 17. You won’t need to use the mounting bracket supplied with the machine. Step 18. Side cable entry installation Step 19. Identify which side the cable will enter and unscrew the entry tab on that side of the machine. Step 20. Remove the conduit box from the packaging. Step 21. Use the conduit box to mark the installation point and drill with a suitable drill bit. Step 22. Use a suitable cable gland/conduit connector (not supplied) for the installation. Step 23. Cut the rubber side tab of the conduit box on the side that will be facing downwards after installation. Step 24. Secure the conduit box on the wall using suitable fixings. Step 25. Cut the gland smaller than the diameter of the cable. Step 26. Feed the cable through the gland. Step 27. Rear and side cable entry installation Step 28. Secure the live, neutral and earth wires to the appropriate terminal block locations, as indicated on the mounting bracket. Step 29. Secure the cable clamp. Step 30. This machine has two power modes. The default setting is 900W. Step 31. If required, change the power mode to 650W before installation. Step 32. Hook the machine onto the mounting bracket. Step 33. Gently lower the bottom of the machine until it is flush with the wall. Step 34. Fit and fully tighten the two security screws and washers into the bottom of the machine using the tool supplied. Step 35. Place the filter unit in the machine. Make sure that it clicks securely into place. Step 36. Turn on the mains power supply. Step 37.Test the machine is working as it should by placing hands in sight of the sensors. Dyson experts are on hand to help, so leave us a comment if you’d like some advice.

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