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Can I individualise the PRAESIDIO® mini afterwards?

Yes, with the magnetic foil option, logos, patterns or custom designs can be quickly and easily created and attached to the sanitizer dispenser within seconds.

Where can I have the magnetic fronts made?

To create a magnetic front panel for the PRAESIDIO® mini, please contact info@citroenair.eu. The graphics experts are at your disposal with full expertise.

Is the PRAESIDIO® mini smart?

At this stage, the PRAESIDIO® mini does not include smart features. However, our development team is working on a smart solution.

With which filling material can the PRAESIDIO® mini be filled?

The PRAESIDIO mini is available in two different versions. The x10-based version is available with any commercially available disinfectant. The cartridge solution is aimed at disinfectant manufacturers who then use an individual lockout to make their own disinfectant compatible with the dispenser.

Where is PRAESIDIO® mini manufactured?

The PRAESIDIO® mini is produced at various OPHARDT Hygiene locations, including Canada, Ireland and Germany.

Does the dispenser have sustainable components?

Yes, the x10 pumps used are made from 50-60 percent PCR material. This means that plastics resulting from the yellow garbage can are used there.

How is the SanTRAL® Ultra mounted?

The dispenser is mounted on the wall using six screws. Due to the large number no gap can be formed between the dispenser and the wall.

Why is the dispenser vandal resistant?

The universal dispenser of the SanTRAL® Ultra series is vandalism resistant not only because of the special thickness of the stainless steel, but also because of other features. For example, breaking the lock does not also open the dispenser. It also has only a minimal opening for the soap spout, so that razor blades, needles or other unauthorized objects cannot be pushed in there.

What is the thickness of the stainless steel from which the SanTRAL® Ultra 5 H is made?

The SanTRAL® Ultra 5 H is made of 1.5 mm thick stainless steel.

How should the motor-unit be positioned?

It can be placed both horizontally and vertically.

Does the tap produce hot water?

No, the Dyson Airblade Wash+Dry hand drying tap only provides cold water. A mixing valve allows the tap to be set to a fixed temperature.

Can I order Wagner-Ewar products without a logo?

Yes that is possible at no extra cost. We do not stock these products and they must be ordered. Please contact us for more information on these options.


Can I place an order on account online?

Yes you can, to order on account contact CitroenAir for an application. Once your request is approved you can choose the payment option 'pay on account' on the payment method page.

Can I order on account?

As a business customer, you can place orders with us on account and pay afterwards (within 14 days of invoice date). Please contact CitroenAir to make an application. CitroenAir will evaluate the application and reserves the right to refuse it without reason and offer an alternative payment method. Different payment terms are available only upon written agreement by CitroenAir.    

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What is CitroenAir’s bank account number?

Have you chosen to pay by bank transfer? Then you can transfer the money to our account number: NL95RABO0307038750. Always mention your company name and order number when paying.

Why has the name of this product changed from Dyson Lightcycle™ to Dyson Solarcycle™?

The product name has been changed to Dyson Solarcycle™ because it better reflects what our engineers have in mind when developing new lighting technology: to get as close as possible to sunlight - from color temperature to color rendering index (CRI), relative intensity, seasonality, location and lifespan. This is a global adaptation launched as of January 2022.

Do I need to buy replacement LED bulbs for this lamp?

The LED bulbs last for decades² and do not need to be replaced.2 According to The Lighting Handbook, Tenth Edition: Reference and Application by the Illuminating Engineering Society (IES), Publisher: Illuminating Engineering Society; Tenth Edition (July 30, 2011).

Should I let the cooling tube cool down before reversing the arm direction?

Nee, dat is niet nodig. De koperen koelbuis is altijd koel genoeg om aan te raken.

Can I start using the lamp before I connect to the Dyson Link app?

Yes, the lamp also works without connecting it to the app.

Where is the ingo-man® eurodispenser produced?

The ingo-man® euro dispenser is now largely produced at the Irish plant in Ballymote.

What dispensers does the ingo-man® brand include?

In addition to disinfectant dispensers and soap dispensers, the ingo-man® brand offers other useful hand hygiene products. These include pumps, drip trays, Euro bottles, mounting solutions, waste containers and much more.

How do I replace an ingo-man® bottle?

To learn how, we recommend watching the instructional video.

What are your average delivery times?

For stock items, we normally guarantee a delivery time of 2-3 days. For all other items, this depends on available stock from the manufacturer and available production capacity. Please inform us about the possibilities.

How does ingo-man® plus differ from its imitations and fakes?

The ingo-man® is often imitated, but never duplicated. An important quality indicator is the OPHARDT hologram affixed to the outside of the housing. Another important distinguishing feature concerns the material used. The ingo-man® has a thicker material than all its imitations, and the original clearly stands out in a confrontation.

How should the ingo-man® plus be cleaned and treated?

The ingo-man® dispensers are suitable for manual cleaning in a dishwasher and even for treatment in an autoclave. Different instructions apply for ingo-man plus dispensers with electronics, such as the touchless dispensers. For more details, see the ingo-man instruction manual.

What does the name ingo-man® mean?

The name ingo-man® is an amalgamation of the words engineer, Ophardt, and manus, which is Latin for hand.

Can the ingo-man®SmartNose be configured via an app?

Yes, the ingo-man®SmartNose has a built-in NFC chip and can communicate with your NFC-enabled smart device. OPHARDT has developed its own app to easily read and configure the smart devices.

Which disinfectants can the ingo-man®SmartNose be used with?

The ingo-man®SmartNose is compatible with the hand-held euro dispensers of the ingo-man®plus series in 500 ml and 1000 ml sizes.

Can the amount of sanitiser activating the feedback LED be changed from 3ml to any other amount?

Yes, this is possible. However, the intake amount of 3 milliliters is recommended by the Robert Koch Institute for Health Care.

What is the meaning of the red LED on the ingo-man®SmartNose?

The red LED on the ingo-man®SmartNose illuminates when the built-in battery has reached a critical level and needs to be replaced.

When does the ingo-man®SmartNose’s green LED light up?

The green LED, also called the feedback LED, lights up once at least 3 ml has been taken for hand disinfection.

What does Swiss Made mean?

The term Swiss Made stands for the designation of origin of Swiss products. To bear the "Swiss Made" label, certain criteria must be met. According to Swiss trademark protection laws, at least 60% of the main production and manufacturing costs must be made in Switzerland in order for industrial products to be labeled "Swiss Made." The PRAESIDIO® meets and exceeds all criteria and proudly bears the "Swiss Made" label.

How long is the warranty period?

Our PRAESIDIO® disinfectant dispenser comes with a two-year manufacturer's warranty from the date of delivery. This warranty underlines our confidence in the quality of our product.

How should you handle and clean the PRAESIDIO®?

Keep in mind that even a high-quality product like the PRAESIDIO® requires regular maintenance. To avoid operating errors during cleaning, we recommend removing the Euro bottle and pump from the dispenser beforehand. The batteries should also be removed before cleaning. If the dispenser is connected to the mains, the plug must be unplugged beforehand. The housing, spray chamber, drip tray and bottom should be cleaned with a damp cloth and, if necessary, wiped with disinfectant after drying. The pump should be rinsed under warm running water from the outside and rinsed from the inside. The pump should then be disinfected with a suitable product. Disinfectant residue at the pump outlet should be removed regularly.

What type of stainless steel is the PRAESIDIO® made of?

The housing of the PRAESIDIO® hygiene dispenser is made of polished AISI 304 stainless steel. In the standard version, the door of the touchless dispenser is made of the same material and is powder-coated white (RAL 9016).

How should the RX Euro dispenser be cleaned?

The RX Euro dispenser should be cleaned with a damp cloth and disinfected after a sufficiently long drying period. Remove the batteries from the non-contact dispensing system before using the dispenser again to avoid unwanted activation during cleaning. It is also important not to use abrasive and caustic cleaning agents.

Wat zijn de opties voor branding en personalisering van de dispenser?

Naast de klassieke witte versie is de RX eurodispenser verkrijgbaar in drie standaard signaalkleuren. U kunt ook een logo op de bovenkant van het dispenserdeksel plaatsen. Bij de manuele RX Euro dispenser is bedrukking mogelijk op de zijkant van de dispenserbehuizing.

How is the number of strokes per activation set on the RX 5 T Euro dispenser?

The number of strokes per activation can be set on the RX 5 T Euro dispenser using a small switch on the side of the outlet cover hinge. By default, the RX 5 T Euro dispenser is set to one stroke per activation.

In what situations is the RX Euro dispenser suitable?

The RX Euro dispenser is suitable for a wide range of applications. These include healthcare facilities such as clinics, hospitals, doctors' offices, rehabilitation clinics and pharmacies, as well as public spaces such as offices, educational institutions, stores or shopping centers. This flexibility is made possible by the many installation options and the Euro bottle stand.

With which mounting plate can the RX Euro dispenser be combined?

All RX Euro dispensers are compatible with the ingo-man series mounting plate. This mounting plate is attached to the wall with three screws. Please note that the RX 5 T touchless Euro dispenser requires an additional adapter for mounting on the back wall.

Didn’t find an answer in our frequently asked questions?

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments. We are happy to be of service to you. Our customer service will help you find what you need. Or call us at +31 (0) 318 - 59 29 30.

How well is my data protected when I use a connected dispenser?

The dispensers have the highest security standards for wireless transmission. With TLS/HTTPS encryption, your data is maximally protected.

How can I buy a Kanary licence?

You can purchase the license for our facility management program from us, contact us and we will help you set it up. Email your request to bram.degeus@citroenair.eu

Can I retrofit SanTRAL Plus dispensers to become SMART?

Yes, with the purchase of Smart Retrofit Kits, the dispensers can be retrofitted quickly and easily. The Smart Retrofit Kits can be purchased separately at a later date.

Are SanTRAL® Plus dispensers only available as SMART version?

No, the dispensers can also be used as non-SMART dispensers. The dispensers can also be purchased as Smart Ready so they can become SMART later.

What products does the SanTRAL® Plus series consist of?

The SanTRAL® Plus series offers you the complete solution for your washroom. Our product range includes universal dispensers for different liquid products, dispensers for paper towels with different mechanisms, waste bins, special waste bins for hygienic products, dispensers for toilet paper and toilet brushes.

Should I use a paper towel or hand dryer to dry my hands? Which is better?

Washing hands is an essential way to reduce the spread of bacteria and viruses. Drying hands properly is an important step in that process, as damp hands can spread up to 1,000 times more bacteria than dry hands.¹ Dyson Airblade™ hand dryers have been proven to be just as hygienic for drying hands as paper towels, but without the environmental impact or high running costs. 1 Suen et al. 2019 SR and based on bacteria in air and aerosols (0.3 to> 5 microns) measured during hand drying in 28.5 m3 test chamber, in a study conducted by independent external laboratory. 7 Tested in external laboratory according to ISO 22196 for E. coli, Salmonella enterica, Staphylococcus aureus and Klebsiella pneumoniae and ISO 21702 for H3N2 virus (influenza). 8 Mutters & Warnes (2019) JHI.

What does HEPA stand for?

HEPA stands for High Efficiency Particulate Air. A true HEPA filter, as fitted as standard in all Dyson Airblade™ hand dryers, must meet testing standards EN1822-5 and IEST-RP-CC001.6. A filter that is not classified as a HEPA filter cannot be proven to work as efficiently.

Is it true that the powerful airflow of Dyson Airblade™ hand dryers means that more particles are blown through the washroom, increasing the risk of spreading bacteria?

There are a number of studies used by the paper industry to make misleading claims. Generally, these studies have not been conducted under conditions or scenarios that simulate an actual situation that a person might reasonably experience when using a Dyson Airblade™ hand dryer. Researchers who conducted these studies could only achieve such a result by massively contaminating plastic gloves with bacteria and viruses and drying them with a Dyson Airblade™ hand dryer without first washing the hands. Conversely, studies from the University of Bradford and Hong Kong Polytechnic University have shown that Dyson Airblade™ hand dryers actually reduce bacteria on hands when used correctly. New independent research from Dyson on aerosolization shows that drying hands with a Dyson Airblade™ hand dryer causes no more aerosolization than drying with paper towels - and that Dyson Airblade™ hand dryers are hygienic and safe to use.¹ 1 Suen et al. 2019 SR and based on bacteria in air and aerosols (0.3 to> 5 microns) measured during hand drying in 28.5 m3 test chamber, in a study conducted by independent external laboratory.

What happens if pumps are not regularly overhauled and cleaned?

Insufficient cleaning of the pumps can cause the suction line or outlet to become clogged and proper dosing can no longer be guaranteed.

What should be considered when preparing and cleaning pumps?

With regard to the handling and maintenance of OPHARDT pumps, the individual product instructions must be observed. Pumps for soap or lotions are generally cleaned more frequently than pumps for hand disinfectants. Only our recyclable single-use DHP pumps do not require re-treatment and are thus a real time saver.  

What products are OPHARDT pumps suitable for?

The range of OPHARDT pumps is suitable for wide range of liquid soaps, hand disinfectants, lotions or pastes.

What is the purpose of the silicone seal on OPHARDT pumps?

The silicone seals of the OPHARDT pumps rest on the openings of the Euro bottles and serve to protect the contents from contamination.

Do Dyson Airblade hand dryers contribute to sustainability certificates?

Yes, points can be earned for both BREEAM, LEED and WELL Building Standard certification by installing Dyson Airblade hand dryers.

What skills does the new KWC possess?

The "new" KWC combines all the expertise of the individual companies at all locations. The KWC brand stands for health protection, sustainability, safety and dedication. KWC meets all the needs of its target groups in today's world. This is made possible by all the skills and expertise available to KWC, whether in stainless steel production, electronics, design, development or innovation, at six production sites in Unterkulm, Ludwigsfelde, Ras Al Khaimah, the United Kingdom, Finland and China.

What is KWC’s new strategy?

The new KWC is on course for global growth. As a company, we offer complete solutions for the Commercial Washrooms sector and want to continue to impress our customers in the future.

What does KWC, the new name for Franke Water Systems, mean?

KWC is, after Franke, the best-known brand name within the Franke Water Systems division. Therefore, we decided to highlight this brand name and operate the entire division under the name KWC Group AG. This name change was implemented at the beginning of March 2022.

When and why will the brand change?

When the Franke Water Systems division became independent on May 1, 2021, the Franke brand name was only "loaned" to us until we became contractually fully independent (end of 2023). This means that we may use the Franke brand until the end of April 2023. After that, our right to use the brand name expires.

How do I request a quote?

By phone

A phone call to one of our sales representatives is the easiest step to request your quote. Via the central telephone number +31 (0) 318 592930 our sales team is at your disposal. You will get an expert employee on the line who will be happy to think along with you and guarantee the necessary technical support.

By email

You can easily request a quote by sending an e-mail to quotes@citroenair.eu

Request a quote by e-mail

Is the wiring for the Dyson-Airblade dB single-insulated or double-insulated?

They are single insulated.

How often should I clean the Dyson-Airblade dB?

To ensure optimum and hygienic hand dryer performance, the Dyson Airblade dB hand dryer should be cleaned daily. Please refer to the cleaning instructions for further information.

Do I need a backplate for the Dyson Airblade V

Backplates are necessary for porous walls.

Can the Dyson-Airblade V hand dryer be used in a public washroom?

The Dyson Airblade V is compatible with Doc M. DOC M is the abbreviation for Document M. A DOC M package is a product set that includes a disabled toilet for public use that meets the latest building codes and is ergonomically designed to provide maximum comfort for the user when using it.

Does the Dyson-Airblade V hand dryer produce warm air?

No. Hand dryers that provide hot air can promote the growth of bacteria left on hands during drying. The Dyson Airblade V uses a standard Class 13 HEPA filter that filters 99.95 of bacteria from toilet room air before they are blown onto hands.

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What is the difference between Wash+Dry and Airblade Tap?

The Dyson Airblade Wash+Dry now offers more control over water usage, is quieter and uses less power.

Do I need a backplate for the Dyson Airblade 9 KJ?

The use of a backplate is recommended for use on drywall and cavity walls. They can also be used when replacing other Dyson Airbladeᵀᴹ hand dryers.

How often should I clean the Dyson-Airblade 9 KJ?

To ensure that the hand dryer continues to perform optimally and hygienically, the Dyson Airblade 9kJ hand dryer should be cleaned daily. Please refer to the cleaning manual for further information.

How do the two power modes of the Dyson-Airblade 9 KJ work?

The power setting can be set to Max or Eco mode when installed. The Max mode operates at 900W and delivers a drying time of 10 seconds. This is ideal for places where the unit is heavily used.In the Eco mode, the unit operates at 650W and delivers a drying time of 12 seconds. However, it consumes only 9.1kJ of power per drying cycle and is better suited for offices. The power setting can be changed after installation, but in that case the unit must be removed from the wall because only then the switch is accessible.

Where can I find the technical drawings of the products?

These can be found with the products on our webshop under Documents. If your document is not listed please contact customer service at orderdesk@citroenair.eu  

How many years warranty do I get on the products?

Our products are guaranteed to be free of defects in workmanship and materials under normal use for one year from the date of purchase. All items you purchase from us are guaranteed. In case you receive an item that is not in perfect condition, we will be happy to provide you with an appropriate solution as soon as possible. We do this, depending on the article, by replacement or repair. In addition, factory warranties apply to certain products.

Warranty Limitations

In all cases, the customer's exclusive remedy against CitroenAir shall consist solely of repair and replacement, at the discretion of CitroenAir, of defective products or parts under warranty. CitroenAir will also bear the cost of defective products or parts returned to CitroenAir by the customer. CitroenAir's warranties as stated above do not apply to damage resulting from vandalism. No other remedy (including, but not limited to, damages resulting from work performed at customers' premises, lost profits, lost revenue from sales, injury to persons or damage to property or other forms of incidental or consequential damages) shall be available. Rust and discoloration of stainless steel parts resulting from exposure to harsh environmental and/or chemical conditions are not considered manufacturing or material defects and therefore no express or implied warranty is given for such conditions.

Wat zijn de betaalmogelijkheden?

In onze webshop kan je betalen met de volgende betaalmethoden: iDEAL, KBC, Giropay, Bancontact, Sofort banking, Paypal Express Checkout en Creditcard. Er is ook de mogelijkheid om op rekening te bestellen, neem hiervoor contact op met onze orderdesk. orderdesk@citroenair.eu  

Is it possible to choose my own delivery date for my item?

To do so, please contact our order desk at orderdesk@citroenair.eu

Are the prices listed inclusive or exclusive of VAT?

The prices mentioned on our website and webshop are exclusive of VAT. This is because we are a wholesaler and sell to business and professional end users.

Can I track my order?

Items directly in stock with us and ordered through the web shop before 2 p.m. are usually delivered the next day. Products not in stock take longer to arrive. The product with the last delivery date determines the delivery date of the entire order. Do you need part of your order earlier and therefore prefer partial deliveries? Please contact your contact person as mentioned on your order confirmation.

Live tracking of packages

When you buy something online, you naturally want to receive your purchase as quickly as possible. We do everything we can to make that possible in a simple and transparent way. Thanks to live tracking, you always know where your package is. And do your plans change? Then you can easily adjust the delivery online.

Can I order from CitroenAir as an individual?

CitroenAir is a wholesaler and delivers business to business, so only to business customers. As a private person, you can of course always contact an installer in your area.

Can I also order by phone or e-mail?

A phone call to one of our sales staff is the easiest step to your order. Via the central telephone number +31 (0) 318 - 59 29 30 our sales team is at your disposal. You will get an expert employee on the line who will be happy to think along with you and guarantee the necessary technical support.


You can easily order or ask a question by sending an e-mail to orderdesk@citroenair.eu

Please contact our sales department for pricing arrangements

High volume purchasing, custom procurement, contract management, sustainable procurement. quotes@citroenair.eu

How to order on the CitroenAir webshop?

Choose a product of your choice and add it to your shopping cart. Then fill in the contact details/business information to finally checkout.  

Which products are available from the SanTRAL® Plus range?

The SanTRAL® Plus series offers you the complete package for your washroom. The product range includes universal dispensers for different products, dispensers for paper towels with different mechanisms, waste bins for both used paper towels and hygienic waste, dispensers for toilet paper and toilet brushes.

I need products for a project. Can you advise on this?