RAINBOW,PRCA50 Farmquat 1x10l Can

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  •  RAINBOW,PRCA50 Farmquat 1x10l Can
  • Item no.: 84600347
  • Model No.: RAINBOW
  • Series: PRCA50


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Product information

Farmquat is a concentrated disinfectant used for disinfecting of stables for livestock and nearby premises, pharmaceutical sector, healthcare and food industry. Registered in the Netherlands (14931 N) and Germany (N-66144).

Direction for use:

First clean heavily soiled surfaces with a suitable cleaning agent. In other cases this product can be used as a combined cleaning agent and disinfectant.

Dose 3% (30 ml per litre water) and apply solution to the surfaces and materials. Let it work for 5 minutes. After disinfection, rinse well with clean water.


Farmquat is registered for livestock premises disinfection (PT3). It is also allowed to be used on persistent bacteria, yeasts and fungi in the healthcare sector (PT2) and food processing (PT4). Always prevent direct contact with animals and food.

Technical properties.

  • Colour: Colourless
  • Fragranced: Unscented
  • pH level: 13


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