Dyson-Airblade 9kJ


Dyson-Airblade 9kJ hand dryer with Curved Blade™ design

The Dyson Airblade 9kJ hand dryer uses full touch-free operation and Curved Blade™ technology. This follows the contours of hands and dries hands permanently and hygienically within 10 seconds.

Key Technology

Curved Blade™ design

Two 0.45 mm curved openings create air currents of 642 km/h that follow the contours of the hands and remove water faster.

Dries hands hygienically with clean air

The HEPA filter removes 99.95% of bacteria-sized particles from the air.

The quietest Airblade™ hand dryer to date

Acoustic design reduces noise in the restroom.

Additional features


Select the optimal setting for your toilet area

Switch between two suction power modes. Max mode in areas of heavy use or Eco mode for energy efficiency and quiet operation.

Dry hands quickly within 10 seconds

Our powerful digital motor spins 75,000 times per minute, moving 23 liters of air per second. This leads to a drying time of 10 seconds in Max mode.

Less waste

Up to 72% less expensive to use than other hand dryers. Up to 97% less than single-use paper towels and up to 78% less carbon emissions.¹ For a cleaner washroom and a better environment.

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How to install your Dyson Airblade 9kJ hand dryer
Dyson Airblade 9kJ Reduce use of single-use paper towels


Do I need a backplate for the Dyson Airblade 9 KJ?

The use of a backplate is recommended for use on drywall and cavity walls. They can also be used when replacing other Dyson Airbladeᵀᴹ hand dryers.

How often should I clean the Dyson-Airblade 9 KJ?

To ensure that the hand dryer continues to perform optimally and hygienically, the Dyson Airblade 9kJ hand dryer should be cleaned daily. Please refer to the cleaning manual for further information.

How do the two power modes of the Dyson-Airblade 9 KJ work?

The power setting can be set to Max or Eco mode when installed. The Max mode operates at 900W and delivers a drying time of 10 seconds. This is ideal for places where the unit is heavily used.In the Eco mode, the unit operates at 650W and delivers a drying time of 12 seconds. However, it consumes only 9.1kJ of power per drying cycle and is better suited for offices. The power setting can be changed after installation, but in that case the unit must be removed from the wall because only then the switch is accessible.

What does HEPA stand for?

HEPA stands for High Efficiency Particulate Air. A true HEPA filter must meet testing standards EN1822-5 and IEST-RP-CC001.6. A filter that is not classified as a HEPA filter cannot be proven to work as efficiently.

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