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In the modern world, where a pleasant environment and hygiene are paramount, Vectair Systems plays a leading role with their innovative approach to air fresheners. Their extensive range offers not only odour control, but also advanced technologies that set a new standard for freshness in various environments.

The essence of air freshening

Air fresheners are an essential part of a pleasant environment, whether in offices, hospitality venues, public areas or at home. Vectair Systems understands this crucial importance and has developed an extensive range of air fresheners that go beyond scent. Their focus is on technological advancement and sustainability to meet the needs of various users.

An in-depth look at Vectair’s innovations
Microburst technology

A true revolution in odour control, Microburst technology developed by Vectair Systems guarantees a controlled diffusion of odours. This creates long-lasting freshness without being overwhelming to the senses. The subtle, targeted release of fragrance is characteristic of this advanced technology.

Airoma technology

Vectair Systems‘ Airoma technology goes beyond simply diffusing fragrance. It offers programmable solutions that release fragrances at specific times throughout the day. This allows users to customise scent delivery to the unique needs of each environment. This goes hand in hand with efficiency and effectiveness.

Sustainability and effectiveness go hand in hand

Vectair Systems places a strong emphasis on sustainability in their products. The air fresheners are designed with environmental friendliness in mind, seamlessly combining effectiveness and respect for the environment. Striving for a cleaner and greener future is at the heart of their product development.

A fresh future

With a combination of advanced technologies, attention to sustainability and an ongoing quest for ultimate freshness, Vectair Systems marks a new standard in the world of air fresheners.

Ready to experience a new dimension of freshness? Discover Vectair Systems’ innovative air fresheners and give any environment an invigorating touch!

View popular air fresheners from Vectair Systems

The Vibe Pro air fresheners

The Vibe Pro from Vectair Systems is an advanced fragrance diffusion system that does not use aerosols or propellants in its refills, making it more environmentally friendly. It is battery-operated, offers flexible placement options and has a long battery life of up to 18 months. Easy to install and remove for maintenance, and with ample coverage of up to 18,000 cubic feet / 510 cubic metres, the Vibe Pro is an efficient and durable solution for odour control in various environments.

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The V-Air® SOLID air fresheners.

The V-Air® SOLID is an environmentally friendly air freshener that does not use aerosols or propellants, making it a sustainable option for odor control. The system operates without batteries or electricity, making it a cost-effective and practical solution.

With an innovative design, the V-Air® SOLID continuously diffuses freshness without the use of volatile organic compounds. It offers a long-lasting fragrance experience and is easy to place in a variety of spaces.

With its eco-friendly approach, long-lasting operation and ease of use, the V-Air® SOLID is an effective and economical choice for odor control in various environments, while contributing to a pleasant atmosphere without burdening the environment.

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