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System 111 from HEWI is a design icon among door handles – the company from Bad Arolsen has made design history with it. Its ergonomic shape and distinctive colors make System 111 a classic in architecture.

Durable quality is guaranteed by the steel interior and advanced technology. Also characteristic is the glossy polyamide surface, which is still highly valued for its excellent properties. It makes every door a visual eye-catcher.


Since 1957, the use of the plastic polyamide for building hardware has been typical. The major advantage is that both the material and the final product can be manufactured in only one working step. This takes the form of polymerization of pellets, which are placed in a hollow mold. The lever of the System 111 has interesting features: Thanks to the polyamide, it is wear-resistant, chemically resistant, antistatic and easy to clean. The latter is especially important for hygiene. Polyamide is also available in many different color variations; HEWI produces the 111 in a total of 16 colors. This means that you can always find the right color to match the existing interior. If desired, the color selection can also be used to deliberately set accents on the door.


Polyamide door handles such as System 111 are usually cast under a pressure of about 200 bar. Unlike steel handles, for example, the shiny surface is not created by polishing and grinding, but rather already during the manufacturing process. Polyamides are processed between 230 and 280 degrees. Flammable gases only develop from about 450 degrees. Therefore, polyamide printers are often used in places where high demands are placed on the fire resistance of products. Polyamide is not only a popular material for lever handles, but is also processed into fibers in large quantities. Polyamides are also among the most important engineering thermoplastics.


The 111 is still very popular today – more than 50 years after its development. Almost everyone has held a System 111 door handle in their hand at one time or another. It owes its great popularity to its contemporary, timeless design and its form language reduced to the essentials. The conscious handling of color strongly links System 111 to Bauhaus. Bauhaus stands for vision and free spirit. Art and technology form a unity in the Bauhaus philosophy. Initially influenced by expressionism and the De Stijl movement, Bauhaus designers sought new techniques and forms. New production methods were developed and new materials were used. With the 111, HEWI made a piece of architectural history: System 111, designed by Rudolf Wilke in 1969, still convinces numerous architects and planners today. It has been copied many times and yet the original – especially in terms of quality – has never been matched. Those who know System 111 also know what the quality differences are from other products. An unmistakable feature of System 111 is the hidden HEWI stamp. It is located at the end of the lever opposite the door panel. The embossing is easy to feel with the fingers. The number below the hidden HEWI logo indicates the diameter of the door handle.


In 2019 – 50 years after its development – HEWI dedicated a reissue to System 111. Since then, 111 has been available in the matte version with two different fastening techniques. On the one hand, the mini rose and the flat rose in a two-tone version. In addition, System 111 is also available in the matte stainless steel version. The different material options, high functionality and selected colors make System 111 a design icon among door handles. Thanks to the extensive range, you can use System 111 in a variety of ways.

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