PRAESIDIO Mini, Individual. Flexible. Chic. A disinfection dispenser for all rooms.

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The PRAESIDIO brand is getting bigger by getting smaller. The brand new PRAESIDIO Mini takes the beautiful design language of the PRAESIDIO and makes it even more flexible. The PRAESIDIO Mini has an amazing range of mounting options, whether you need a metal dispenser on a counter, on a stand in a lobby or mounted on a wall. Find out more about this disinfection dispenser powered by X10.

Experience the award-winning benefits of the PRAESIDIO.

Operation from both sides.

The PRAESIDIO mini dispenses reliably and safely when used from both sides.

Where you would want it.

On the wall. On the table. Or on a pillar.

Your brand. Your design.

Create your own front: the PRAESIDIO mini has a magnetic front, so slides can be changed in seconds.

PCR plastic.

The X10 series pumps and bottles are made of PCR plastic, which comes from recycled material.

No less environmentally friendly: the dispensers are designed as an open system so that fillers from different manufacturers can be used.

Any filling material. From any supplier.

Thanks to the open system, you can react flexibly to supply bottlenecks from your suppliers – the PRAESIDIO mini works with all commercially available disinfectants.


Where is PRAESIDIO® mini manufactured?

The PRAESIDIO® mini is produced at various OPHARDT Hygiene locations, including Canada, Ireland and Germany.

Is the PRAESIDIO® mini smart?

At this stage, the PRAESIDIO® mini does not include smart features. However, our development team is working on a smart solution.

Can I individualise the PRAESIDIO® mini afterwards?

Yes, with the magnetic foil option, logos, patterns or custom designs can be quickly and easily created and attached to the sanitizer dispenser within seconds.

Where can I have the magnetic fronts made?

To create a magnetic front panel for the PRAESIDIO® mini, please contact The graphics experts are at your disposal with full expertise.

With which filling material can the PRAESIDIO® mini be filled?

The PRAESIDIO mini is available in two different versions. The x10-based version is available with any commercially available disinfectant. The cartridge solution is aimed at disinfectant manufacturers who then use an individual lockout to make their own disinfectant compatible with the dispenser.

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