Smart urinal flush with innovative room sensor (KWC Professional)

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Smart urinal flush with innovative room sensor

Public restroom facilities are usually not a concert by your favorite band: The ideal trio for urinal systems rocks with optimal cleanliness, hygiene and no unpleasant odors. But often a good solo cannot even be found here. Only absolutely reliable functional components should be used for this very frequently used area of application.

The new F5 Smart Urinal Sensor is ideally suited for this purpose and provides individual flushing of multiple urinals with the help of central room monitoring. The sensor is mounted on the ceiling and records the user’s presence in the room solely on the basis of physical parameters, i.e. without camera function.

With no installation parts visible from the outside, the Smart Urinal Sensor offers absolute architectural freedom in room design and optimal protection against damage or manipulation. In addition, the flushing system reduces installation time and purchase costs, as only one sensor is required for up to 20 urinals.

The discreet plastic housing, available in white or black, contains a control module that can also detect multiple users in the room simultaneously. The sensor communicates wirelessly with the Smart Urinal Unit integrated behind the urinal and thus activates the flush. This unit consists of the water conductor incl. valve and solenoid valve combined with a control unit for wireless communication, optionally with power supply or batteries.

An app is available for commissioning and controlling the Smart Urinal Sensor, with which further functions can also be programmed, such as calendar-based flushing times or the recording of statistical data. In addition, system functions such as the so-called “simultaneity suppression” of flush activations can also be realized. This means that when several urinals are used simultaneously, the individual flushing processes are started one after the other to achieve a clean flushing result each time. In addition, the lower water volume in the pipe system required for series flushing contributes to optimum drinking water hygiene and to cost savings in pipe dimensioning design.

  • Sensor registration based on physical parameters, no camera function;
  • Plastic housing in white or black;
  • Wireless communication with the Smart Urinal Unit for flushing;
  • No visible recessed parts allowing for optimal space design;
  • Reduced installation time and costs because only one sensor is needed for 20 urinals.

Currently available for most common ceramic urinals!

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What does KWC, the new name for Franke Water Systems, mean?

KWC is, after Franke, the best-known brand name within the Franke Water Systems division. Therefore, we decided to highlight this brand name and operate the entire division under the name KWC Group AG. This name change was implemented at the beginning of March 2022.

What is KWC’s new strategy?

The new KWC is on course for global growth. As a company, we offer complete solutions for the Commercial Washrooms sector and want to continue to impress our customers in the future.

What skills does the new KWC possess?

The "new" KWC combines all the expertise of the individual companies at all locations. The KWC brand stands for health protection, sustainability, safety and dedication. KWC meets all the needs of its target groups in today's world. This is made possible by all the skills and expertise available to KWC, whether in stainless steel production, electronics, design, development or innovation, at six production sites in Unterkulm, Ludwigsfelde, Ras Al Khaimah, the United Kingdom, Finland and China.


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