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d line

d line is a leading Danish design brand that invents and handcrafts durable building hardware, sanitaryware and solutions for barrier-free living.

From the beginning, d line has believed that the best ideas respond to a need. This began in the 1960s when Danish designer Knud Holscher worked under Arne Jacobsen at St Catherine’s College, Oxford. It was his need for a high-quality, coordinated line of stainless steel architectural products that led him to design two door handles – the Ø14mm U and L. Since then, d line has continued to create durable products in new categories and through new design collaborations.

The architects who choose d line products do so because they are a simple, reliable, innovative, total solution to Holscher’s original problem with St Catherine’s College. A perfect toolkit of pieces for spaces that are effortlessly balanced in their practical details. They bring unity to the space they occupy – they are often the finishing touch, but never an afterthought.

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d line and NBS Source

With an eye toward a more environmentally friendly era, architects should always strive to balance design aesthetics with sustainability. d line takes a specification approach and embraced NBS Source to provide specifiers with detailed access to product data and system advice.

During the pandemic, d line saw a need to present products in a way that was easily accessible and usable by professionals. d line recognized that NBS, with its professionalism and support, was the perfect partner for plumbing.

d line already valued a specification-oriented approach before they joined NBS Source: “We have a strong presence within the A&D communities and have expanded it to the contractor market in recent years. Our main driver for getting our products specified is working directly with the specification teams through our Sales Managers, who help with specification and requirements drafting. Through the NBS, we have another route to specifiers”.


A resilient approach

Sustainability is about more than material design, something d line recognizes. Always evolving is essential, and recently we introduced product technology that helps reduce waste.

“This year we launched a new line of sustainable sensor faucets. They are styled after our already beloved Qtoo collection, but have gained new functionality and an enhanced hygiene factor through motion-activated technology. All steel components of our sensor faucets are 100% recyclable and come with a 20-year warranty. Sensor faucets promote water conservation by giving the building owner more control over water consumption.”

NBS allows us to spread the word about our products and keep our history alive. During the pandemic, we partnered with Qtoo to launch a new product line, which gave us the perfect platform for architects to build specifications.

Visit NBS Source for more information.

d line brand catalog, Curated collections.

Curated collections is an homage to d line and their ongoing efforts to enhance their legacy of longstanding collaborations with Arne Jacobsen, Knud Holscher, Bjarne Ingels and Tom Dixon.


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About d line

d line is a heritage Danish design brand conceiving and hand crafting enduring architectural hardware, sanitary ware and solutions for barrier-free living. Launched in 1971 with the coordinated line of stainless steel architectural products Knud Holscher created for St Catherine’s College Oxford, d line has since collaborated with iconic Danish designers including Arne Jacobsen. The […]