The food processing industry requires extremely high standards for hygiene in their facilities. Hand hygiene is specifically critical as the hands are the most im-portant “tool“ when processing food. As a result, soap and hand disinfectant dispensers, as well as careful hand drying are extremely important for ideal hand hygiene. Our hygiene dispensers have been developed with the highest hygiene standards that meet the quality requirements of the food industry and perfeclty compliment your established HACCP efforts. By using high-quality, corrosion–resistant stainless steel, our dispenser systems are suitable for the most challeng-ing hygiene scenarios. Features such as sloped housing tops prevent unwanted objects and waste from being placed on the dispenser ensure a hygenic expe-rience.

Industriële toiletruimte

Item no. 8102000071903
€ 405,00
€ 303,75 (p/pc excl. BTW)
delivery time 14 days
€ 108,00
€ 81,00 (p/pc excl. BTW)
delivery time 14 days
€ 4.668,00
€ 3.501,00 (p/pc excl. BTW)
delivery time 14 days
€ 530,00
€ 397,50 (p/pc excl. BTW)
delivery time 14 days

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