RAINBOW,PRFL90 Ethades 15x100 ml Sprayer

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  •  RAINBOW,PRFL90 Ethades 15x100 ml Sprayer
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  • Model No.: RAINBOW
  • Series: PRFL90


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Product information

A ready for use product for disinfecting small surfaces and hands. Legally admitted in the Netherlands (14065 N), Germany (N-38604) and Belgium (7315B).

Direction for use:

The product is a ready for use liquid and most not be diluted.

A. Use for disinfecting hands
Apply on clean and dry hands. Apply 3 ml Ethades on the hands. Thoroughly rub the hands for 30 seconds. The fingertips, thumbs, areas between the fingers and wrist must also we thoroughly rubbed with the product. Make sure the hands will be moist during the full exposure time of 30 seconds. Afterwards thoroughly dry the hand. Minimal exposure time: 30 seconds.

B. Use for disinfecting small surfaces
The product is mainly intended for disinfecting small surfaces (maximum of 0,5m²) such as kitchen and computer equipment, instruments, furniture, sanitary areas, showcases and machines. Do not use the product on areas which are not alcohol resistant. Thoroughly clean the surfaces with an adequate cleaning agent and rinse with clean water. Remove excessive water. Apply the product undiluted on the surface. Remove enough liquid (40 – 50 ml product per m²) so that the surface remains moist during the full exposure time. Minimal exposure time: 30 seconds.


Ethades is admitted as disinfectant for disinfecting small surfaces sucha as kitchen- and computur equipment, instruments, furnuture, sanitairy areas, showcases and machines. Can be applied in (sporting) kanteens, horeca, kitchens, backeries, butheries etc. Fights bacteria, yeast and virusses. Never put directly in contact with food and drinks. The product is also admitted for disinfecting hands in the healthcare, food and animialfeedindustry, cosmectic industry and labrotoria.

Use biocides safely. Before use, read the label and product information.

Technical properties.

  • Colour: Colourless
  • Fragranced: Unperfumed
  • pH level: 6,5


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